Centrala | Tiger in a cocoon
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Tiger in a cocoon










In production
Director: Jacek Nagłowski
Script: Jacek Naglowski
DoP: Patryk Jordanowicz
Spatial editing: Przemek Mastela, Anna Giemzik, Jacek Nagłowski
Producer: Centrala & Circus Digitalis
Co-producer: Isyrius, Dream Sound Studio, Lodz Film School
Cast: Dominika Krysztoforska, Adam Kozal


The video for Loa Frida band is one of the first films that use the 3D spherical image asynchronous recording technique and the spatial editing technique, both being developed by the Circus Digitalis company. These techniques allow the creators to have much more artistic control than in the case of standard (for this kind of films) use of spherical camera systems.
The video was shot in a Lodz Film School’s studio and is a preparatory step towards the research project on the VR film language.