Centrala | Lipstick on the Glass [PL/DE]
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Lipstick on the Glass [PL/DE]

Photo | Łukasz Bąk

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Fiction, feature, in pre-production


Original title: Lipstick on the Glass
English/international title: Lipstick on the Glass
Genre: Thriller
Director: Kuba Czekaj
Writer: Kuba Czekaj
Cinematography: Tomasz Woźniczka
Editing: Daniel Gąsiorowski
Producer: Centrala Film
Co-producer: INDI FILM Produktion (Niemcy)
Language: Polish, English
Country: Poland, Germany, France




Lipstick on the Glass is a story about liberating women burdened with guilt and shame from the powerful shackles of arrogant, opinionated men. It is a tale about every human being’s right to self-determination, regardless of their sex and imposed social or cultural norms. It poses a fundamental question; who am I? This is a question which an ever-growing number of Europeans are asking themselves as they endeavour to find themselves in the midst of a reality of extreme attitudes. People who are lost, who are pressed into believing what they should be like, seek help. Psychotherapists’ consulting rooms are bursting at the seams because every single ‘deviation from the norm’ is something that needs treating. Yet each of us has the right to choose, do we not?