Centrala | Funding for the film “Pardon” / “Milost” announced
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Funding for the film “Pardon” / “Milost” announced

19 Apr 2017 Funding for the film “Pardon” / “Milost” announced

We are delighted to let you know that our new production “Pardon” directed by Jan Jakub Kolski received funding from Polish Film Institute, Łódź Film Fund and Czech Film Fund. 

By the decision of Polish Film Commission, the film “Pardon”/ “Milost” was awarded funding for production in the amount of 2.500.000 PLN.

Feature Films Funding results:

https://www.pisf.pl/aktualnosci/wiadomosci/wyniki-lodzkiego-funduszu-filmowego-2017 – list of funded projects by Łodź Film Commission

The film by Jan Jakub Kolski has also received the highest in history funding for a minority co-production from the Czech Film Fund.

“Pardon” is a story of parents of a soldier killed after the war, told from a perspective of their 17-year-old grandson Janek.

The film will star: Grażyna Błęcka-Kolska,  Jan Jankowski, Michał Kaleta.

The shooting of the film is planned for September 2017.