Centrala | The Naked King [CH/PL/GER]
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The Naked King [CH/PL/GER]

Director: Andreas Hoessli

About This Project

A Swiss-Polish-German co-production
Andreas Hoessli
Scripwriting: Andreas Hoessli
Director of Photography: Piotr Stasik, Filip Drożdż
Production: Mira Film
Co-production: Centrala
Co-financing: Polish Film Institute, Swiss Film Fund, ZURICHER FILMSTIFTUNG, éducation21/Filme fuer eine Welt, KULTURFONDS SUISSIMAGE



Director Andreas Hossli for many years had worked as a war correspondent. In his documentary films he thinks about what happens to people during socially unsettling times and times of military conflicts. His new project focuses on people, who became revolutionaries. What make them that way? How do they conquer fear? How do they change during a revolution? What happens to them when what they were fighting for becomes a reality?

These and other questions Andreas Hoessli will approach for a very personal point of view. He returns to events that caused him to become a correspondent – in the 80s he witnessed the workers movement and the beginnings of “Solidarity” in Poland. That’s when he crossed paths with Ryszard Kapuściński, who at the time, just arrived from Iran, where he was writing about the revolution and the overthrowing of the Shah. Kapuściński’s “Shah of shahs” describing the events of Iranian revolution, for many became a book about “Solidarity’s” revolution.

Here, the director treats “Shah of shahs” as the starting point to a research trip, which will take him to the most important places of revolution in Poland and Iran.


Completed, Documentaries