Centrala | Safe and Silent [PL/DE]
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Safe and Silent [PL/DE]

Photo shoot for director’s moodboard | Photo by Anna Orłowska

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Fiction, feature, in development


Original title: Safe and Silent
English/International title: Safe and Silent
Director: Justyna Tafel
Writer: Justyna Tafel
Director of Photography: Kate McCullough
Producer: Centrala Film
Co-producer: Niko Film
Language: Polish
Country: Poland, Germany


Director’s statement


IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO YOUR LOVED ONES, YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FORGIVE YOURSELF THAT YOU HAVEN’T DONE EVERYTHING TO KEEP THEM SAFE. This film was born out of my personal fascination for trust, the most enigmatic feeling. Trust is gained as a result of a magical transaction – one party deserves it, so another put one’s trust in them. But not necessarilly in this particular order and how to settle which one marks the cause or the effect is not entirely clear. Trust once lost could be impossible to regain. Yet it is an essential component of probably one of the most precious of feelings, love. And on a macro scale, absolutely no society can exist without it.