Centrala | The Possessed [PL]
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The Possessed [PL]

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In production
Director: Natalia Korczakowska
VR adaptation: Jacek Nagłowski
DoP: Patryk Jordanowicz
Spatial editing: Jacek Nagłowski
Producer: Centrala, Studio Theater

Whatever the name of the idol is – Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao – the tyrant is always a caricature of the devalued Father. Absurd militants are throwing themselves into the massacre to stay alive – that’s how crimes that are patricide multiply. The guards from the Stalinist labor camps, the Shoah’s torturers, Mao’s red guards, with the blessing of their Party, murder not only their own kings, but also their own families – they rave about new beginnings. Devils, demons want to install in our minds the idea that the killing has ceased to be the killing, and that we are free to the craziness of killing ourselves and others. This is a lesson of totalitarianism and unhappiness.

„The Possessed” is a VR adaptation of the theater play. Our main goal is to use strictly VR techniques and means to provide the meaning of the play outside of theater stage. The play is rebuilt from the ground – up to achieve that goal in virtual environment.