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Whispers [PL]

In development
Director: Jacek Nagłowski & Patryk Jordanowicz
Script: Jacek Naglowski
DoP: Patryk Jordanowicz
Spatial editing & VFX: Przemek Mastela, Anna Giemzik, Jacek Nagłowski
Producer: Centrala
On the Polish-Belarusian borderland, where the East meets the West, the nature is wild and mysterious. Life and death do not mean the persistence and disappearance of some biological processes here, but they have an irrational, impenetrable, non-verbal power structuring the entire reality. This is where the whisperers live. They heal using the traditions of the East: the power of word, gesture and image.
„Whispers” is a VR non-narrative documentary that aims to provide the experience of the reality that lays beyond the rational constructs we use in our everyday life, where „the owls are not what they seem to be”.