Centrala | Whispers [PL]
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Whispers [PL]

Poster project by Małgorzata Grączewska



Original title: Szepty
English/international title: Whispers
Directors: Jacek Nagłowski, Patryk Jordanowicz
Writer: Jacek Naglowski
Cast: Irina Kotelnikova
Director of Photography: Patryk Jordanowicz
Editor: Maciej Gryzełko
Special effects: Przemek Mastela, Anna Giemzik, Jacek Nagłowski
Music: Anna Ujma
Producer: Centrala
Runtime: 21 minutes
Country: Poland
Year: 2019
Premiere: IX 2019, Venice Film Festival (World); XI 2019, Lublin Film Festival (Poland)




On the Polish-Ukrainian borderland the pace of life is slow, but underneath the surface of things, the density of it leads beyond understanding. Life and death do not mean the persistence and disappearance of biological processes here, they are impenetrable forces that constitute reality. This is where the Whisperers live. They heal people using the power of words, gestures and images. Rough nature, religious ceremonies and pagan rituals are what you will encounter along the path to this state of mind.


Film festivals and accolades



// Venice Film Festival, Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality
Digital Cultures, Warsaw – Lviv, VR Showcase
Verzió Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Budapest
Świdnica Film Festival SPEKTRUM
VR Days Europe, Amsterdam
Minsk International Film Festiwal LISTAPAD
International Documentary Film Festival Dei Popoli, Florence
Lublin Film Festival
Special Award of Lublin Film Festival
24. European Cinema Forum CINERGIA, Lodz
Special Award for the best Polish VR in documentary category
Filmteractive Festival, Lodz
Stereopsia, Brussels, Lumiere Awards, Best VR Stereography – nomination



20. goEast Film Festival, Wiesbaden, Open Frame Award
Main award for ‘The poetic exploration of healing and the impenetrable forces of life and death in a time when the world is experiencing the extremity of these forces. In Whispers every scene is a painting. It’s a visual feast from colours to composition. The cinematography is a feat of 360° immersive video […]’