Centrala | Anton, In The Shadows [FR/PL]
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Anton, In The Shadows [FR/PL]

Director: Julia Kowalski

About This Project


52min/28min, HDV, documentary
A French-Polish co-production
Premiere: 2010
Director: Julia Kowalski
Director of Photography: Julia Kowalski, Patryk Jordanowicz
Editing: Pascale Hannoyer
Co-financing:Avec le soutien du CNC, de la Procirep-Angoa, de la Scam, Brouillon d’un rêve, de la Région des Pays de la Loire Polish Film Institute
Co-production: Les Films du Balibari, Pologne – Télénantes



Anton, a polish worker with wide-ranging, but unspecialized skills, works for Erwin Wurm, a contemporary Austrian artist of international renown. Erwin imagines his artworks, while Anton assures their physical and technical construction. Anton’s life is divided between his work in the world of contemporary Viennese art and his modest cottage in the south of Poland. His life tells an unusual story of exile.

Completed, Documentaries