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La Machina [PL/FR]

Director: Thierry Paladino

About This Project

52 min HD, documentary
A Polish-French co-production

Premiere: 2010
Director: Thierry Paladino
Screenplay: Thierry Paladino
Director of photography: Marcin Sauter, Michał Marczak
Editing: Mariusz Kuś
Co-production: Les Films du Balibari, TVP 1, FRANCETELEVISIONS POLE FRANCE
Polish Film Institute, Centre National de la Cinématographie, Région Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, en partenariat avec le CNC, Département des Alpes-Maritimes en partenariat avec le CNC, PROCIREP – Société des producteurs, ANGOA


Film “La Machina” is a journey, ordinary and at the same time poetic journey of the old master of puppets and his young apprentice. This is a first journey of the boy. He is inexperienced and excited, he goes on an initiating journey. The master, on the other hand, is well aware of the fact that it may be one of his last journeys. It’s a sunny southern summer and both of them set off for a long tour in an old truck. They take lighting, a little stage and the sleeping puppets. They go from town to town to perform for the people from the country taking with them their own world and their stories.


2010 Planete+ Doc – Audience Award

Completed, Documentaries