Centrala | Deer Boy [PL/BE/HR]
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Deer Boy [PL/BE/HR]

Poster project by Andrzej Dobosz / Dobosz Studio


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ABOUT THE PROJECT: Fiction, short, completed


Original title: Deer Boy
English/international title: Deer Boy
Genre: drama, fantasy
Director: Katarzyna Gondek
Writer: Katarzyna Gondek
Cinematography: Maciej Twardowski
Editing: Jarosław Piekarski
Producer: Centrala Film
Co-producers: Poznan Film Commision, Chorwackie Centrum Audiowizualne, Estrada Poznańska, Stern Pictures, Alchemiq Studio, Bekke Films, Studio Puk, the Fridge, Motion
Cast: Janusz Chabior, Katarzyna Śnieżka Sobiszewska, Eryk Maj, Mieszko Czachor, Andrzej Adamczak
Country: Poland, Belgium, Croatia
Language: Polish


A hunter’s son falls asleep counting the jumping deer. One of them got shot, one bleeds a little, another one limps away from the meadow. And the antlers grow and grow on the boy’s head, puncturing the pillow, as they do every night. DEER BOY is a horror fairy tale about instincts. About the first hunt. About blood and nature. Parental warmth meshes here with disgust, dreams with reality and childlike sensitivity with the lessons on killing. The film is based on animal sounds not giving a word to the characters trapped in its story. The deer are jumping over the sleeping boy’s head. Eventually one of them will have to be killed, now won’t he?