Centrala | If You Go Away [PL/DE]
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If You Go Away [PL/DE]

Director: Ewa Stankiewicz

About This Project

35mm, fiction
Premiere: 2010
Director: Ewa Stankiewicz
Screenplay: Ewa Stankiewicz
Director of Photography: Piotr Niemyjski
Editor: Robert Ciodyk
Co-financing: Polish Film Institute, Mitteldeutsche Medienforderung
Co-production: Filmkombinat, Telewizja Polska – Agencja Filmowa, Odra Film, ZDF, Arte


2010 Jantar for the best cinematography at the Koszalin Film Festival “Young and Cinema” [Poland]


They pass each other on the hospital’s hallway. They are lonely, desperate and  ready to do everything it takes to save the lives of those closest to them. They are unwilling to accept defeat. One rainy evening, they meet at the hospital’s gate. After very hard day, he wants to cool down while she tries to take control over her own fear. They are close to each other… they feel like hypnotized and cannot overcome the attraction, the desire. However, they don’t talk to each other. It does not take long before they meet again. They have to fight over the blood for transfusion, which hospitals lack notoriously. Later he observes, from the distance, her despair after her mother’s death. After one year, he  accidentally saves her life. They have the night that is full of tension and the night that gives them strength to restore their lives.

Completed, Fictions