Centrala | If Fish Could Talk [PL]
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If Fish Could Talk [PL]

Director: Tomasz Jurkiewicz

About This Project

28min RedOne, fiction
Premiere: 2010
Director: Tomasz Jurkiewicz
Screenplay: Grzegorz Zaleski
Director of Photography: Kacper Fertacz
Editor: Tymek Wiskirski
Co-financing: Polish Film Institute
Co-production: TVP, SFP, Kreativa, Stars


Wojtek, despite being 30, still believes in a legend about a Great Fish swimming in a nearby lake. He spends all his time trying to catch it. It’s not the matter of interest to his over-caring mother, Wanda, who on her son’s birthday decides to arrange his life – finds a girlfriend, she buys him an apartment and makes him a marketing specialist in her own company producing drills. Fairy tale about maladjustment, dreams and sick love.
Completed, Fictions